Neuron Structure

Cell Body/Soma

Nucleus | ‘owl’s eye’ – large, spherical, central and pale stained nucleus, well defined nucleolus


Key ID | branching pattern 


Abundance of neurofilaments and microtubules 

Connective Tissue

Endoneurium | loose connective tissue (reticular tissue)

Perineurium | dense irregular collagenous connective tissue

Epineurium | dense irregular collagenous connective tissue

Neurons in a Dorsal Root Ganglion

Central Nervous System

Spinal Cord

Key ID | central H-shaped area of grey matter (cell bodies) surrounded by white matter (myelinated fibres)

Dorsal root ganglion

Sensory Cell Bodies | globular, granular contents

Ventral root

Motor Cell Bodies | angular cells with many dendrites

Dorsal Root Ganglion 

Spinal Cord

Nerve Bundle 

Peripheral Nervous System


Nodes of Ranvier

Sreas where myelin covering is interrupted – junction of two Schwann cells

Motor End Plate

Synaptic contact with striated muscle fiber

Neuroglial cells | i.e. Schwann cells

Function | supporting cells for neurons

Nodes of Ranvier

Motor End Plate

Motor End Plate