Final Exam 


of Final Grade

Part 1 | Short Answer

Draw a fully labelled diagram of the following terms.

Briefly describe their function and location within the body.

Use full sentences, no point form allowed.


  1. spleen
  2. lymph node
  3. esophagus (compare and contrast the 3 parts)
  4. recto-anal junction 
  5. gall-bladder (empty)
  6. trachea

    Part 2 | Long Answer

    Fully labelled diagrams are required.

    Use full sentences, no point form allowed.

    Describe the journey of __________ by discussing the histological features (and histopathology features where applicable) it would encounter during its journey through:


    1. spleen (journey of a RBC)
    2. lymph node (journey of a B lymphocyte & pathogens it  encounters)
    3. liver (journey of a bile salt) – describe the 3 models: classic liver lobule, portal lobule, liver-acinus lobule
    4. segmental bronchus (journey of an oxygen molecule & pathogens (TB) it encounters)
    5. appendix (acute and chronic inflammation in relation to appendicitis)